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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Best videolan streaming server

Frequently asked questions about videolan streaming server

Robert Cichon, President and Chief Operating Officer of Newtek Technology Services noted, ”As one of the first web hosts to offer Microsoft Windows Server 2008 earlier this year, CrystalTech has had the opportunity to test Hyper-V in a dedicated environment for several months now. The fact that we are able to provide a VPS solution so quickly after Hyper-V was released to the market illustrates our commitment to offering the latest cutting-edge technologies to our customer base.” is the newest of those Online resources that will let you know what your IP address is.  The difference here is that they do so without any annoying interface or loopholes to jump through.  You just have your IP address there and you are done. If you’d like to share this functionality with others, it is easy to do with their embeddable JavaScript code.  Just copy and paste it to give your own visitors their IP address back at them.

So you're ready to have your own website?

Congratulations! Here's five easy steps to get started without wasting any time! B)

In Case You've Read Otherwise, SmugMug Still Loves S3

Mon, 12 Mar 2007 17:01:00 -0400

Last Thursday night, I came across this article via the Storagezilla blog. Beth Pariseau wrote that Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) has had "performance and reliability issues serious enough" to prompt second thoughts among early adopters. In particular, SmugMug CEO Don MacAskill recently decided to move hot storage back in-house.

The instant I finishing reading the article, my RSS reader lit up with Don's response. He still loves Amazon, even if S3 hasn't solved the "speed of light problem". It takes at least 60-80ms for bytes of data to travel the distance between SmugMug's west coast location and Amazon's east coast data center. There's no getting around that. He moved hot storage closer to his web servers NOT to solve Amazon's performance problems, but to reduce those thousands of miles to inches. Don also tracked down the Storagezilla post and added a comment there.

Fast forward to this morning, when someone sent me a snippet from a Tier 1 Research news brief in which Dan Golding wrote about Amazon's disillusioned users. I gave Dan a hard time for basing his article on the same two customers Beth interviewed without giving her credit. Dan argued that attribution isn't customary in the analyst world. Besides, we shouldn't even be having this conversation. As a non-subscriber, I should have deleted any T1R content that came my way upon receipt.

Ironically, during his HostingCon presentation last year, T1R founder Andy Schoepfer's key message was "don't be an island". It's important for web hosting providers to connect customers to external ecosystems like eBay and Amazon, because no e-business can thrive in isolation. Given T1R's Hosting 2.0 advocacy, Dan's reaction seemed... Analyst 1.0-ish. But towards the end of our conversation, he did promise that an upgrade is on the way. As a point of reference, Burton Group, Dan's former employer, has a great blog that links to external sources. Same goes for Forrester. And at least 220 other research firms, including T1R parent company The 451 Group. Raven Zachary, who leads 451's open source practice, is even on Twitter!

Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox now and back to Amazon. I think every web hosting exec needs to read Don's blog post - along with Robert Cichon's post on customer satisfaction metrics. Robert said a hosting provider has done a good job if (a) the company gets written testimonials, (b) customers refer other customers because they're happy with service quality, and (c) customers defend the company against negative remarks. Amazon gets three points based on Don's reaction. What's your score?

Error message is: Http/1.1 Service Unavailable. Major update? Technical difficulties? What’s the deal?

Twitter is Misbehaving and I Blame Joyent! (Or, Hosting Providers as Venture Capitalists)

Wed, 14 Mar 2007 20:25:00 -0400

Dave Young from Joyent recently blogged about Twitter's use of Joyent Accelerators. Accelerators are Solaris Containers on Sun Fire X4100s with Sun Fire X4500s (also known as "Thumpers") for storage. Joyent promises on-demand, no-leash computing and offers virtual servers for as little as $45/month (includes 256 MB RAM, 5 GB storage, 15 GB bandwidth). It sounds pretty cool - and check out the video of Dave and Jason on Sun's website!

The problem is, after reading Dave's post, I think of him every time Twitter is down. Which, as many of his readers pointed out, happens often. Dave says us complainers are missing the point. Twitter is growing like crazy! It serves 4,000+ requests per second! That's a lot - and Joyent helped get them there! Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Twitter users' demand seems to exceed its already-substantial capacity.

If I were Dave, I'd move Twitter to as many XXL Accelerator Sparcs as it takes. Having come a long way just doesn't make good enough PR fodder when you've got John Edwards live blogging from the campaign trail ("About to make remarks at the Int'l Assoc. of Firefighters. Then remarks at the Boilermakers conference.").

A few months ago, I was telling Steve Kahan over at The Planet that he ought to turn a couple of his sales reps into venture capitalists, of sorts. These folks would scan the customer database for major brand names as well as up and coming influencers. They'd proactively monitor these VIPs' infrastructure and offer free scalability advice and migration assistance. They'd set up an invitation-only beta program and strong arm Dell into providing test units of its latest gear. They'd research these customers' industries and make introductions if they come across people in similar markets...

More recently, RedMonk analyst James Governor suggested something much more radical. Forget that beta program; how about long-term loans for future movers and shakers? And instead of my idea of creating case studies out of The Planet's great working relationships with today's news-makers, take a great leap forward to the open source hardware business model. Put your tools in the hands of tomorrow's innovators. You need to do this quickly, because you're competing with Jeff Barr. In Joyent's case, I have no doubt that last part is true...

PS - It just occurred to me that SoftLayer, in particular, might have much to gain from being a patron to soon-to-be influencers. Softlayer announced a private meet me room a few weeks ago, where developers of different SoftLayer-hosted applications can interconnect without incurring bandwidth charges. So if someone's created a community that many others are eager to extend and/or leverage, wouldn't it be worthwhile for SoftLayer to make itself that community's home base?

PPS - Hosted Solutions, too! It's cool that they're spearheading the Carolina SaaS User Group, but I think what would really enhance their appeal is if they hosted the most-mash-upped apps.

After reading the above - you might tell me.

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